Lucky Dip

I have been spending some time in my Mum’s new home in Youlgreave in Derbyshire. It’s a stunning, quaint village in a very picturesque location.

After the recent (and now continuing) rain, it was a pleasure yesterday to step out into spring. The sky was bright blue and clear, birds were out in force and only the trees gave themselves away dressed for winter.

Here are some pictures from yesterday’s uplifting walk:

Nothing has put a smile on face so much recently as watching a dipper treading water in the flooded river at Alport, Derbyshire.

This little fellow was putting a lot of effort into rumaging around for his dinner amongst these fast flowing floodwaters. I didn’t catch him in time to film him in the water, but I got him sitting on this concrete weir (funny, as we were surrounded by the most stunning scenery and I have captured this gorgeous, gorgeous bird sat here).

Dipper Video from 23rd December 2012.

I left buzzing after this oh so close encounter with such a stunning birdy! I actually kept ‘dipping’ as we walked up the hill back to Youlgreave (don’t tell anybody!).

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and manage to get out and enjoy the outdoors too!

Lots of Christmassy love from Kathy xxx.

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