Celtic sea-rowing on Anglesey

Sea rowing is one of the nicest ways to observe marine life. One of the delights of outings in the Celtic Longboats of Beaumaris Rowing Club is the close encounters with many types of sea birds found in the Menai Strait.


As we row from the slipway at Beaumaris, terns are found perching on the mooring buoys in the bay. They don’t mind us passing by. On the beaches to the west of Gallows Point large flocks of oystercatchers gather and take to the air in their noisy way.

At Menai Bridge there are now for the first time colonies of the white egrets (little egrets) in the trees. In the winter flocks of small waders cling to the sea walls of Beaumaris Bay. They fly in very close formation and turn together showing their white breasts in the low sunshine. A wonderful sight.

When we row up the Conwy River in the Spring, the quiet banks near Dolgarrog are ideal nesting places and young geese peer out between the tall grasses as the boats row past.

On Sunday 27th August the Club plans to row to Puffin Island and go ashore to explore now that the birds have fledged. We are keenly looking forward to this trip as most of us have never set foot on the Island.

Kathy, organiser of Anglesey Marine Week and second from right, takes part in a ‘try rowing’ session during Anglesey Marine Week.


For more information on sea rowing, see our website at  http://www.beaumarisrowingclub.org.uk/index.html and our Facebook or contact Tim Knowles (Email: timknowles82@btinternet.com)


Written by Tim Knowles of Beaumaris Rowing Club

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Kathy is a wildlife enthusiast who loves nothing more than to inspire people about nature. She is the Trust Development Officer for the West Wales Rivers Trust, a researcher at Aden Productions and offers guided wildlife tours on Anglesey with the amazing Ken Croft. Outside of work, Kathy arranges Anglesey Marine Week in order to promote engagement in conservation. Please see the 'Wildlife Tours' page of the website for more details of how to join a tour.

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