A very quick trip to the midlands!

I am writing this on a single carriage train somewhere between Derby and Crewe. This weekend I travelled back to the East Midlands to celebrate my brother’s 30th birthday in his lovely new house. Needless to say that his lovely new house has now has a much dirtier floor, but other than that I think […]

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Join Kate Humble for a very special event on 19 December

Thought you might be interested to read this x

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Why are Robins Christmassy?

True to form the weather has been a mixed bag recently. From Gale strength winds battering your car as you traverse the Menai straits to stunning sunshine in Spring-like Moelfre. There’s been torrential downpours too as well as snow on the aptly named Snowdon mountain range. A glance out the window now though is met […]

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I propose a birdrace! (Please sing these words along to The Kaiserchiefs “I predict a riot!”)

The wildlife highlight of this week for me has to be an encounter with a Water Rail. I thought my first meeting with these bird might be a winters day down at Valley Wetlands RSPB reserve, however it turned out that I would first meet this gorgeous bird down on the Isles of Scilly. I […]

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Two wildlife show presenters and two new birds for my year list – a good weekend i’d say!

Had a fabulous Friday night at the North Wales Wildlife Trust’s annual Lacey lecture. This time it was over to Wrexham to hear Mike Dilger give a talk on the “Trails and Tribulations of being a Wildlife Presenter”. You may have seen Mike presenting wildlife pieces on The One Show where his cheery, enthusiastic demeanor […]

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**Seeing StarLINGs!**

This Tuesday the sun was shining and it was glorious to be out if you could avoid being in the shade. The first outing of the day took me to a housing estate in Holyhead where Ken was looking for a juvenile Rose-coloured Starling. We approached the garden where the bird had been sighted from […]

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Pallid Swift?!!

What an evening I had on Saturday!? Before a settling down to watch Casualty with a Jamaican-themed dinner and a hot pepper sauce I met my friends Ken (top birder blokey) and Dave (a local businessman offering outdoor activities around Anglesey and Snowdonia http://www.outdooractivesports.co.uk/) at Malltraeth RSPB reserve to attempt to witness the Starling roost. […]

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Buzzard, Fox, Rabbit, Pheasant, Unidentified Bird, Fox, Unidentified Bird, Pheasant, Buzzard.

The above is a list of the road-kill I saw along the A55 on Monday. I think it’s sad that the most I see of British mammals is their carcass along the side of the road 🙁 Thankfully, on this particular journey I saw no Badgers. My friend Ken added to this list when I […]

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Killer Whale Vs Minke Whale

Hiya, sorry to keep warbling on about Frozen Planet, but it really is amazing! Without going in to too much detail about last night’s programme (I know you haven’t seen it yet Ken!) there was an amazing sequence of a pod of Killer Whales hunting a Minke whale. With Whale-watching right up there at the […]

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After my last blog, I was stopped in my tracks by a natural phenomenon each day for the next four days! Firstly, I was driving northwards along the A55 on Thursday evening and as I went down the hill towards Malltraeth marsh a mumuration of starlings fluttered in unison across the road ahead of me. […]

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