The Naturebites Team

Kathy James

Kathy has been in awe of our natural world as long as she can remember. Always an animal lover, Kathy studied Medical Microbiology and Zoology at Leeds University before pursuing a career in nature conservation.

Kathy gave up her job with the NHS in Leeds in 2010 to pursue a career in conservation. Volunteering for the Wildlife Trust on the Isles of Scilly, Kathy discovered a magical place where she soon observed all the aspects of birdwatching and birdwatchers, the excitement of the ‘twitch’ (Red-flanked Bluetail, no less!) and the solace of a quiet meander around St Martin’s.

Gaining her first paid conservation work with the RSPB at South Stack, Kathy met Ken Croft who came to be her dear friend and ‘birding mentor’. Living on the reserve out in the sticks, Kathy began writing her blog ‘Naturebites’ as a way to share her wonderful wildlife experiences on Anglesey with a broader audience.

In 2012 Kathy worked for the North Wales Wildlife Trust as a Tern Warden a Cemlyn Bay where they had a record-breaking year with over 2000 pairs of Sandwich Tern choosing to breed there!

Kathy lives to share her passion for wildlife and conservation which she see’s as an important part of Naturebites going forward. Connections with conservation organisations and education are paramount to the aims of the business for her.

As well as offering guided wildlife tours, Kathy works full-time for whale and dolphin research charity Sea Watch Foundation.

KenKen Croft

Ken started bird watching at seven years old when he and the kid next door built a hide in the back garden.  This childhood intrigue developed into a lifelong passion which has absorbed Ken’s life so far.

Ken moved to Anglesey from Birmingham in 1974 and has since gained a reputation as the ‘grand master’ of Anglesey birding, famed for finding rarities. Notably, Ken discovered a first  for Britain, the Gray Catbird, as he surveyed his ‘patch’ of South Stack back in 2001 (remarkably 27 years to the day that he moved to the area). He also found, what was then, another first for Britain when a Black Lark visited his local patch back in 2003.

Ken is out birding everyday (unless there’s a golf tournament or football match keeping him indoors) and knows the island and the birds like no other. His memory is astounding and his mind an encyclopedia of bird knowledge.

Despite Ken’s rank and reputation he is a quiet, unassuming fellow and a pleasure to share a birding day out with! Ken has a phenomenal ability to meet people at their own level and nurture their enthusiasm for birding.

Ken is delighted to have the opportunity to share his passion with yet more people through Naturebites guided tours.